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Discover local traditional food products from major regions of Greece, such as, Crete known for its extra virgin olive oil, Raki and Tsikoudia, a strong alcoholic local drink, Santorini famous for its cherry tomatoes and Fava (split pea soup), Corfu famous for its sweets and liquors made from koum kouat, Nemea famous for its wine festival, Kalamata famous for its Kalamon olives, Extra virgin Olive oilfigs and Sesame snacks (Pasteli), Kozani world famous for Saffron the gold of the Hellenic soil and Chios for its Mastiha produced by the resins of the tree Pistacia Lentiscus, OUZO the most characteristic Greek aperitif and the world famous Greek feta cheese - produced exclusively in Greece with a protected designation of origin (PDO).  Read more...

Traditional Greek food products

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