Greek local food products, direct from exporting companies


General Information about Greece

National Flag:

Greek flag

Official Name: Hellenic Republic

National Anthem: Hymn to Freedom (Ymnos eis tin Eleftheria
Poem written by Dionysios Solomos in 1823
Set to music by Nikolaos Mantzaros in 1828
Officially became the Greek National Anthem in 1865 (first two stanzas)

Location: Southeastern Europe
Area: 131,957 sq. km
Population: 11,305,118 (estimated 2010)
Capital City: Athens
Government: Presidential Parliamentary Democracy
Parliament Members: 300
Administrative Divisions: 13 peripheries divided into 51 prefectures and 1 autonomous region (Mt. Athos).
Official Language: Greek
Religion: Greek Orthodox (95-98%), Muslim (1.3%), and other religions
Currency: Euro (€)
Time Zone: GMT + 2hrs
GDP 2010 estimate: $322.555 billion
Telephone code: +30
Power voltage: 220V AC (50Hz)

[[] National Holidays:

March 25 (Anniversary of the commencement of the Greek War of Independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1821)
October 28 ("Ochi" Day (“No” Day) - Anniversary of the refusal to yield to the WWII Axis Powers in 1940)

[[] Major Religious Holidays:

January 1 (St. Basil's - New Year's Day)
January 6 (Epiphany)
Ash Monday (movable - the Monday of the 7th week before Easter Sunday)
Easter Sunday (movable - First Sunday after the first full moon of the Spring Equinox)
Easter Monday (the day after Easter Sunday)
Whit Monday (movable - 50 days after Easter Sunday)
August 15 (Assumption of the Virgin Mary)
December 25 & 26 (Christmas)
May 1 (May Day)

[][ Geographical Facts:

Location: Southeastern Europe
Area: 131,957 sq. km
Borders by land with: Albania, Turkey, Bulgaria, FYROM, and by sea with (major bodies of water): Aegean Sea, Ionian Sea, Mediterranean Sea, and Libyan Sea.
Time Zone: GMT + 2hrs
Climate: Mild, fairly wet winters, and warm, sunny and dry summers
Highest Mountain: Mount Olympus (2,918 meters)
Longest River: Aliakmon River (297 km)
Largest Lake: Lake Trichonis (9 8.6 acres)
Coastline: approximately 15,000 km
Natural Resources: marble, petroleum, zinc, lead, salt, iron ore, magnesite, nickel. Solar, wind and hydro-power.

[][ Economy:

Currency: Euro (€)
GDP 2009: 234.4 billion Euro (at constant prices of previous year). GDP for 2008 reached 181.8 billion
Projected 2010 GDP Growth: -2.00 %
Major Exports: Food and beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Petroleum products, Manufactured goods, Textiles, Chemicals products.

[[] Infrastructure:

Airports: 38 commercial airports in total
Ports & Marinas: 110 in total
Heliports: 8 in total
Railways: Stations throughout Mainland Greece, from the Peloponnese to Thrace
Athens Metro (3 lines): 46 stations and currently expanding
Roadways: Spanning across Greece and the large islands (Major highways include Attiki Odos, Egnatia Highway, Patra - Athens - Thessaloniki Motorway and the Ionian Motorway).